Nat Hodgson

Chief Executive Officer
Directs and manages association
Lead lobbyist
Community, government, industry relations



Holly Nostro

Association Manager/Membership Director
Association Manager
Membership Director
Website management
Silver Nugget Awards liaison
Professional Women in Building (PWB) liaison
Committee Liaison: Membership and Sales and Marketing



Amanda Moss

Government Affairs Director
Manages association’s government affairs program and policies
Liaison to local government entities
Green Building Program
Committee Liaison: Codes, Land Use and Community Planning and Infrastructure



Kristy Livingston

Community Relations Manager
Workforce Development
Community Outreach
Press Relations



Alexis Hayborn

Member Services Coordinator
Membership events
Annual Golf Tournaments
Website “MemberZone”
Permit assessments
Committee Liaison: Golf Tournaments, Promotion
Accounts receivable
Social Media Posts



Liz Sedeno

HomeAid Program Manager
Manages the chapter’s operations